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time ANTI-AGING• Type 2 Collagen.
• Enhance skin elasticity.
• Reduced Wrinkles.
• Reduced blemishes from sun damage.
muscle BUILD LEAN MUSCLE MASS• Increase the size of existing muscle cells.
• Increase the number of muscle cells.
• Connective tissue growth around the muscle.
tanning SELF-ENHANCED TANNING SOLUTION• Darker tan with less exposure to UV radiation.
• A possible reduction in the incidence of sun-damaged skin.
• MSH levels decline with age. Our man-made analogs of
alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone have been made for
human use.
• The possibility to reduce the risk of Melanoma (skin cancer).
repair-injuries REPAIR INJURIES• Joint rejuvenation, protection and healing.
• Stronger connective tissues.
• Reduced infection rates after surgery.
• Quicker healing time following trauma.
• Rapid muscle fibre repair.
• Increase bone mineral density.
weight WEIGHT LOSS• Speed up your metabolic processes.
• Increase muscles and decrease fat mass.
• Dissolve excessive fatty tissues.
australian-owned AUSTRALIAN OWNEDWe’re an Australian owned and operated provider of high quality, clinical grade peptides. Obtain peptides direct through our registered Australian compounding facility.
loyalty LOYALTY BENEFITSWe offer loyalty benefits through our loyalty program and affiliate network. We have more than 40,000 satisfied patients already benefitting from our loyalty program!
high HIGH QUALITYOur premium peptides are produced in state of the art facilities, with GMP Protocols implemented from start to finish, ensuring quality and consistency. Our superior formulations are developed by our engineers, and all peptides are tested using high pressure gas chromotography.
medical MEDICALLY SAFEThe highest level of care is taken to ensure all peptides ordered through Peptide Clinics are high quality and safe to use. All scripts are issued by registered doctors and hormone specialists. Blood tests guarantee effective medical supervision, and customised treatment programs are available for your needs.
easy EASY PROCESSOrdering peptides through Peptide Clinics is easy and convient. We support your needs through offering a buying process in 5 simple steps.
support SUPPORT AVAILABLELive chat is available from Sunday-Friday until 9pm.

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There is a secret to health and wellness and it starts here at the leading industry source for peptides online in Australia. More than 50,000 satisified patients are already benefitting from our premium peptides.

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Dr. Approved premium peptides for bodybuilding, tanning, fat loss, anti-ageing, or for optimising your health and fitness goals – look no further than the trusted source at Peptide Clinics.

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Peptide Clinics Australia is an online, medically-controlled, results-focused peptide and hormone treatment provider whose medical practitioners treat patients by prescribing premium peptides and alternative health products to patients throughout Australia

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Australians can buy peptides online legally here in Australia. Due to recent changes in regulations surrounding the promotion and sale of peptide hormones, we are not legally allowed to offer our peptide products for sale to the general public without first qualifying each potential patient. The process is simple and provided there is nothing within your medical history indicating peptide treatment would be detrimental, please feel free to register to purchase peptides. Fill in the online medical evaluation and our highly qualified hormone specialists will assist you in obtaining the best peptide supplement to meet your goals.
Peptide Clinics is an Australian owned and operated company, based in Sydney, that specialises in providing premium peptides online, coupled with expert medical guidance in their safe and effective use. Under the supervision of our experienced hormone doctors, Peptide Clinics Australia services thousands of clients throughout Australia with great success.
The secret to health and wellness has been revealed. Recent scientific developments and studies have confirmed that the use of peptide supplements under the careful supervision of hormone doctors, will help to deliver your body to a state of youthful proportion and function. Through peptide supplementation, you enable the body to regenerate, enhance and perform to its optimal level.
When you buy peptides online through Peptide Clinics you can be ensured of our commitment to your success. Peptide Clinics specialises in supplying premium peptide supplements, incorporated into custom treatment programs to assist you in meeting your health and fitness goals. All new client questionnaires are screened by one of our highly trained and experienced medical doctors. All initial and follow-up blood tests are also screened by our doctors, who use this information to recommend the peptide best suited for you, with its dose and frequency. Programs are customised on a per client basis dependent on your goals and blood test results, which are regularly reviewed and modified to ensure optimal peptide performance.

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We supply Australian-made peptides manufactured by licensed compounding facility. Only the highest quality assurance and quality control measures are adhered to in these state of the art facilities to ensure precision, purity, accuracy and sterility. Each and every batch is thoroughly tested and is accompanied by a certificate of analysis available upon request.

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Our doctors are available for free email consults about your peptide program. Paid Skype consultations are also available.

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Feel free to delve into the information provided on this site. Our FAQ section will answer many of your questions related to Peptide Safety, Payment Methods and Privacy Policies.

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