Hormones and the Endocrine System

The Endocrine System (Hormonal System)

The endocrine system is otherwise known as the “hormonal system”, and it consists of glands that secrete chemicals called “hormones” into the bloodstream and their surrounding tissues.

An endocrine hormone is a substance made in one part of the body that influences the function of a different part of the body. The endocrine system helps the body to cope with various events and stressors that occur within the body and throughout life. A flourishing network of signals and chemical messengers, the endocrine system regulates and controls various functions we need in our day to day life for health and wellness. These are processes and systems of great importance such as:

  • Growth and Development
  • Energy and Metabolism 
  • Sexual Reproduction
  • Response to stress, injury or illness
  • The Regulation of Homeostasis 

The ENDOCRINE SYSTEM includes the following glands:

The Glands secrete the “hormones” into the body. All of these glands are in charge of specific jobs within the cells and organs with which the hormones communicate.

How can peptides influence the hormonal system in your body?

Peptides have the ability to affect the glandular secretion of specific hormones – sending the messages to the body such as “Build Lean Muscle”  or “Release Fat Stores“.  Our peptide supplementation section will outline some peptide treatment objectives we cover. There is a wealth of information available to qualified registrants. Follow the directions to register a login for full access to peptides, their availability, dosage and therapeutic benefits.   Peptides Australia can assist you in your quest for health and wellness.

Ageing and the endocrine system

The Pituitary Gland Function
During the process of ageing, some people experience a more rapid degeneration. This can oftentimes be a result of incorrect or inadequate hormonal messages being communicated within cells. If it were possible to change the message to one enabling repair, maintenance, growth and improved functionality – wouldn’t  you be interested to know more?

Much of the ability to make change / improvement within our bodies has to do with a simple hormonal message being communicated to the cells and its associated organs.

As we age we naturally degenerate. Our cells die and lose the ability to function as well as when we were younger. During the ageing process, each year that passes has us degenerating at a faster pace. This is partly due to the lowered Growth Hormone levels within our body. Growth Hormone Deficiency  may result due to these significant decreases. These typically occur around the age of 30 years old.

All the systems within the body are affected from decreased Growth Hormone:

  • cognitive – memory retention
  • physically within our muscular build and skeletal structure
  • fat deposits
  • lowered energy levels
  • skin wrinkling and losing its youthful appearance.

Thanks to scientific research and a greater understanding as to how our bodies work, it has been found that we have the ability to send to our body cells the messages for sustained youth. What is already naturally occurring in our bodies can be tapped into. Our hormones govern so much within us, yet we know so little about what they do for us. Traditional medicine seeks out disease and treats it. Balancing your hormones is taking a proactive approach to health and anti ageing management. Seek out where the hormonal imbalance lies and sort it at its source!

Peptides have the ability to deliver and influence messages to our cells and organs resulting in improvement of our quality of life. The only catch is, the best results come from carefully monitored dosages, treatment evaluation for candidacy and patient blood work to assure the Peptides are used in a safe and effective manner to minimise adverse side effects.Hormones play a consistent role in our bodily functions. Hormones are essentially chemical messengers that travel via the bloodstream with communications for the cells.  They influence areas in the body that you find it hard to influence on your own such as fat storage, sex drive and cognitive functionality. They influence numerous vital functions, therefore it is important as we age to tend to them with TLC and address hormonal imbalances early on. Just like keeping an automobile serviced, our hormones need this external support for optimal functioning within. Regardless of what you think you may know about hormones – they don’t sort themselves, and even exercise alone can not fix internal messaging errors.

Types of Hormones      |    How hormones work in the body      |  Hormone Imbalance

So how do hormones know where to go?

Every cell has receptor sites for hormones specific to them. Much like the lock and key relationship on a door, these receptors specify what hormones are allowed entrance and which are not. Hormones have an expiration date and timing is very important for optimal balance within the body.

What peptides can offer is the ability to strategize your hormonal influences within the body to suit your needs. Building more muscle, increasing your sex drive and enhancing your mood is all very possible with peptides. Especially due to the fact that peptides therapeutically administered go right to the source – the bloodstream, therefore the liver doesn’t get first dibs. The communications are effectively relayed and the body reacts accordingly.

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