Thymus Gland Hormone

The Location and Function of the Thymus Gland

  • The location of the thymus gland is the upper frontal area of the chest (just behind the sternum as well as between the lungs)
  • At puberty it is said that the thymus gland begins it slow descent by shrinking and becoming replaced by fat.
  • The thymus gland is anticipated to weigh at most up to 1 oz by puberty
  • The thymus gland has a pinkish-gray colouration and has two lobes
  • Thymosin is the major hormone secreted by the thymus.
  • The thymus gland hormone plays a role in stimulating the development of T cells, which are proposed to be “disease fighting”
  • The thymus gland is only known to be active up until puberty, yet it has a dual role as both an endocrine and lymphatic gland.
thymus gland hormone - thymosin

The thymus gland hormone is:


Thymosin hormones are known to trigger the creation of T-cells, which the immune system uses to fight disease. There are numerous classifications of thymosins. Some but not all are produced by the thymus gland.
Thymosin and Heart Health

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