Peptide Side Effects

How to minimise negative peptide side effects:

It’s natural to have a concern regarding side effects, particularly when considering an alternative health therapy, ¬†such as peptides.¬†

  • Honesty is crucial when filling out the preliminary medical questionnaire.
  • Hormone blood testing prior to peptide therapy ensures your safety
  • Follow strict instructions supplied by our specialist hormone doctor
  • Seek our support where you have any concerns

Potential Side Effects from Peptide Supplementation

  • Itchy at the injection site
  • Red bump at the injection site
  • Water retention (most likely need to reduce dose)
  • Increased hunger
  • Dry Mouth
  • Tingling or numbness in the extremities (toes, fingers ‚Äď reduce dose)
  • Increased tiredness and physical yawning
  • Increase in hair growth and speed of nail growth
  • High blood pressure (stop and seek support)
  • Extreme kidney pain (stop immediately and seek support)

Methods for Peptide Delivery

As we have touched on, peptides administered from an external source such as via injectables, transdermally or absorbed within the lining of the mouth and gum are primarily small proteins that have bypassed the digestive process for rapid entry into the bloodstream. This direct route allows the peptides to be taken therapeutically for the purpose of fixing what may be out of balance in your body.

For example, you want to send the message to your muscle cells to produce lean muscle mass. Rather than wait for the liver to get first dibs of the protein shake you just chugged, peptide supplementation bypasses the digestive system and communicates the message immediately for your overall benefit.

Minimise Peptide Side Effects

How to minimise potential peptide side effects

If you want to reduce any potential peptide side effects, be sure to follow the directions supplied to you by our hormone specialist. When you start using peptides, be sure to follow the instructions provided. These guidelines are designed to minimise any known side effects.

Peptide side effects do not occur for everyone, and it should be noted that some “negative” side effects may be considered positive side effects for others ¬†i.e.) hair growth, improved sleep, weight gain. Some peptides are known for certain side effects more often than others. If you have any concerns, give us a call, and our helpful team staff will provide you with the information needed.

Less is more when it comes to peptides.

Peptide supplementation requires a “less is more” mentality regarding the dose. ¬†If you have decided to purchase a GH-releasing peptide, do not stray from the Dr’s dosage guidelines. A particularly harmful peptide side effect which is not relevant to most patients may be the inability to produce GH naturally. We have further information available for our patients, explaining how this occurs. It is only a side effect from PROLONGED MISUSE of GH releasing peptides and ordinarily will be no cause for concern. Our educational centre discusses this in further detail.

Hormone Testing Helps Prevent Side Effects

It is wise to get your¬†hormones tested before the onset of peptide supplementation.¬† After all, you are doing this for your health. Why wouldn’t you want to know what is going on internally before introducing something new? ¬†Hormone blood tests¬†may identify something you weren’t aware of that may need addressing. ¬†Use your common sense. If something doesn’t feel right or you start to experience peptide side effects that cause you discomfort, stop immediately and seek support from the team at Peptide Clinics. Do not increase your dose – no matter what your mates tell you. The doctor has specific instructions set up /cycling., which you need to follow.

Peptide Safety and Storage

Keep your peptides in a safe storage area, dispose of your rubbish responsibly and hygienically and use the alcohol swabs consistently, putting the caps back on the vials after each use.

Another quick note is to assure you are completely honest when you sign up for peptides. If you haven’t been forthcoming regarding other medications and health issues – then we can’t determine your risk factor. Be honest and you shouldn’t have any dramas with peptide side effects.

Peptide Safety РAre peptides safe to use.
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