Peptide Safety: Are Peptides Safe?

The first peptide was developed forty years ago. Since then new peptide sequences have been developed continuously, thus causing new effects or to reduce the side effects.

Is it safe to use peptides?

The research & development involving peptides is an area of tremendous growth & knowledge that’ll continue to gain popularity.

Stimulation of natural physiological processes in the body to optimise performance, as opposed to inhibition of a process which ultimately reduces the symptoms of its dysfunction is what makes the field of exceptional stature.

Peptides don’t have the formalised pre-marketing that numerous pharmaceutical drugs undergo. There are reasons for this:

1) Firstly, the market is small because people need to inject the peptide, as the small proteins are broken down in the stomach into its component amino acid when taken by mouth.

2) The formula is patented & owned – which would produce a monopoly for the owner, where they’d be the only supplier, & thus encouraged to invest heavily in marketing.

3) The process can cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Drug (patented drugs) security is estimated through Phase 0 (usually ten people for oral bioavailability & half-life). Phase one (usually 20-100 healthy volunteers to determine the dose range). Phase two & Phase three (usually 100-300 patients to assess efficacy & safety) (same as stage two but from one thousand to two thousand patients). Phase 4, post-marketing surveillance to keep an eye on long-term side effects when the drug is on the market. It can take hundreds of millions of dollars to bring a patented pharmaceutical from discovery to marketing. Apparently, the potential return must justify these initial costs & provide some return to the cost of many other drugs that haven’t made it all the way to marketing.

Peptides get developed, then tested on a small # of people, & if it’s deemed safe & effective, they can find their way to market. The efficacy & safety evaluation aren’t as formalised as medicines. But the evaluations are carried out by an independent third party, often University researchers, in contrast to the pre-marketing of pharmaceutical assessments that get designed & built by the company that owns the pharmaceutical & has an interest in the drug successfully making it to the market.

There are many published articles about the safety & effectiveness of peptides, most of which are accessible via an internet search, & many are available via this site. When taking a look at our peptide product range, be sure to read up on the clinical research provided as well as any news articles posted. Safety and any potential peptide side effects will be listed therein.

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