Top strategies for ageing gracefully in 2018

Scientists and doctors have grappled with the topic of anti-ageing and life extension for decades. Today, ageing well isn’t a mystery. In fact, current life extension strategies encompass a varied range of options, scientifically mastered and tested for both short and long-term results. The key is to know your body and react at the onset of ageing symptoms.

It is now quite achievable to slow down premature ageing and much of this has to do with a deeper look into the signalling going on inside the body. Identifying where hormonal messaging has become imbalanced or dysfunctional and making the appropriate corrections to get your health back on track.

For those of you who are new to this way of thinking, its time to get out of your comfort zone. One must let old restricted belief systems give way to what is proven by science and what is proactively shifting the ageing paradigm.

Ageing gracefully is no longer a myth.

In order to age gracefully, there are two key prerequisites:

Give the body all the goodness it needs


Remove access to all the bad consumptions and harmful life choices that cause it to age prematurely

organic food for health

How to increase your chances of ageing well?

  • Good source of Lean Protein
  • Regular Exercise
  • Reduced Stress
  • Limited exposure to any and all toxins
  • Stay hydrated
  • In order to age gracefully you must have sufficient anabolic hormones
  • DHEA supplementation where necessary
  • Get your sleep and make sure it is uninterrupted.
  • Sublingual Vitamin B
  • Ubiquinol – COQ12
  • Assure your hormones are tested for imbalances
  • Never underestimate the power of VITAMINS A, B, C, D and E
  • IGF-1 Supplementation
  • Peptides that stimulate the hormones that are depleting rapidly in the body
  • Eat an organic diet rich in nutrients – the more plant consumption the better so long as it is free from pesticides, insecticides and other nasties
Many of you will be quite surprised to know that by the time you are 30 years old there are already several hormones that are already producing at a deficit within your body. It is one of the main causes of ageing and what sets the wheels of menopause and andropause in motion. If ageing gracefully is of importance to you, this is one area of your health that you ought to become proactive. This is a specialist medical field of which much of the information you discover may not be of interest to your family doctor. It may very well be up to you to take the reigns and do the research. We encourage you to get educated. The endocrine system offers a host of insights into why and how the body behaves as it does.

Essentially peptide supplementation is a way in which we can infiltrate the hormonal messaging system and shift those signals associated with degeneration and deterioration to ones of regeneration, healing and optimal health.

Human ageing for decades has been regarded as an inevitable degeneration of mind and body that becomes apparent once we reach our 30’s. We can see our hormones are on a rapid decline. We begin to lose our ability to heal naturally and combat disease and infection. Along with the grim defeat of what ageing does to the body, is the development of illness and appearance of symptoms indicating a larger more worrying condition.

As we age, we are no longer equipped with the fortitude (nutritional support and hormone signalling) to protect adequately and repair our bodies of the ravages of toxins. We thus become reliant on medicines or require surgery or organ replacement, all for the ability to lengthen our lives., (which once crippled with disease is a life of questionable quality)…. It has been said that at the age of 65 most people will begin to suffer from 5 diagnosed or undiagnosed medical conditions, which in turn will necessitate 9-20 medicines, for the remainder of their lives.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Anti ageing peptides can offer you a new lease on life. A chance to repair cellular damage, improve all systems of the body and live a much more fulfilling life – regardless of age.

Nutrient Rich Organic Food and Supplementation

Advancements in medical research indicate that much of the cause of ageing and its symptoms are due to a shrinkage in our endocrine glands. Many of us are not aware of how many toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis without realising it. Of significant influence are the likes of mercury and PCB insecticides often used in the cultivation of grocery fruit and vegetables. Purchased to enhance health and absorb nutrients from, many of the foods we eat unknowingly cause more harm than good. This is why it is worth the extra money to pay for organically grown produce. Buying food of questionable quality has a price tag you are less likely to notice – years off your life.

Sublingual Vitamin B12

Within the cells of the GI tract, we are supposed to have access to the most important vitamins and nutrients. The problem is, often this restricted. By age 45-55, the body can no longer absorb adequate amounts of vitamin B12 in the small intestine. Without daily supplementation, ageing is inevitable For best results, sublingual supplementation is advised. Only sublingual Vitamin B12 helps the body regain / enhance muscle and neurological control.

Around the same timeframe, the liver stops producing IGF-1. IGF-1 is critical in the repair of cells in the body. Other deficiencies include a decline in MSH., which is why our hair changes from brown to grey, blond to white.

The worst culprit of ageing by far is the undetected damage to our DNA that has accrued over the years from bad eating, unhealthy habits and lifestyles. Nutrition is not a topic most people know much about. We have the food pyramid in mind when preparing meals, portioning out fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat, etc.. and yet understanding nutritional science would serve us best.  Within our food is the potential to be ageless – let food be thy medicine.

Free radicals cause DNA damage at the rate of approx.,7,000 times per day. Without the enzyme defence against the most chemically reactive of free radicals “the hydroxyl radical”.,( due to our depleted IGF-1 and hormonal imbalances)., we must intake high concentrations of l-glutathione to combat the damage.

When we were younger, this was not the case., as we were able to produce enough l-glutathione to counter the attack of free radicals. This is why hormone balancing is a key factor in anti-ageing treatments.


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One antioxidant of power that someone concerned with ageing might like to consider is COQ12. Ubiquinol is a reduced form of COQ12 and a key nutraceutical that helps prevent heart disease and heart attacks. It is highly suggested in the treatment of age degenerative disease.Looking after your body as it ages is up to you. You can debate in your head about what is “natural” and what isn’t. The fact is, once you reach the age of 40, 50, 60, and above, what will matter most is that you are alive and able to continue a quality of life those stuck on stubborn belief systems won’t have. Open your awareness to what is real. Ageing well is a reality. It can be slowed down.  Consider the number of medicines you may require one day just to combat disease for 10, 20, 30 years. Then consider that there might be some truth in all this. Register to find out more about our product line, access clinical studies and qualify for the placement of a preliminary order. We have some anti-ageing products to assist you and to sign up is confidential and obligation free.
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