Peptide Q & A – Helping you decide whether peptides are right for you.

There has been a lot of talk going on lately with regards to peptides. For some of you, the idea of peptides will be pretty foreign. We aim to educate you here at Peptide Clinics Australia so you can be a judge for yourself, regarding what is right for the health and maintenance of your body.  Afterall, no one knows your body like YOU. When making a decision to buy peptides online, we want you to be confident and equipped with the knowledge regarding their safe and effective use. Our team of informed and helpful staff are here to serve you.

Before you decide to buy Australian peptides online, you may have some questions that need answering:

Quick Q & A

What are peptides?

Each living cell in our body has one powerful nutrient. We are all familiar with this nutrient. It is called “Protein”. Small proteins are called “Peptides“.

Why do people use peptides?

Peptides are popular for their ability to change the messages within the body so that they may benefit your health. As we age, particularly by the age of 30 years old, one particular hormone drops dramatically and continues a steady decline till we fall ill and die. Meanwhile, the messages our bodies are being told in this decline is of weight gain, fatigue and lowered bone density. Peptides come in and change the messages being signalled to that of regeneration, muscle growth, fat loss and increased bone density.

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Would I be a candidate for peptides?

If you are 18 and over, you may be a candidate for peptide supplementation. Best way to find out, is to fill in our obligation free online assessment. The form is quick and easy to fill in and completely confidential.

Is it legal for me to use peptides?

You may buy peptides online in Australia, once you have acquired approval in the form of a script from a medical doctor. Our online gateway grants you access to our hormone doctor who oversees all incoming orders and provides a prescription to qualified candidates. Your Australian peptides will then be dispatched via our local compounding chemist within 1-3 business days. The entire process is 100% legal.

*It is not legal for us to supply peptides to professional athletes. Check your sporting code for further details regarding the legal acquisition and use of peptides. Please also be aware of holiday shipping schedules. 

Do I have to inject them and will it hurt?

You do not have to inject peptides as a means for administration, but injection is definitely the more effective way to introduce peptides into your body. If you would like to learn more about the administration of peptides and their effectiveness, check out our Administration of Peptides Blog. Peptide Clinics has information that will enable you to decide what method will suit you best. Our syringes supplied are very thin in size.  Most reports from new patients are that they are pleasantly surprised., having experienced little to no pain from their peptide injections.

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As we are limited by what we can divulge on our public website – we urge you to fill in our online assessment form. Once pre-qualified, you may access our secured login access.

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