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The objective of this fitness and health blog:

To impart knowledge. Backed by clinical studies, our blog aims to educate, enlighten and motivate. Read our informative articles and feel free to review the studies represented. We feel it is our duty and our calling to re-educate the masses on the exact science of muscle building, nutrition, anti ageing and life extension.

Anti-Age + Longevity

Anti-ageing supplements are known to create vitality and boost confidence and strength.


Lifting weights and supplementing with peptides may increase the speed at which one develops lean muscle mass.

Diet & Nutrition

Consumption of a healthy, lean protein rich diet.

Fat | Weight Loss

Fat loss peptides help the body understand how to immobilise fat for energy.


Males must maintain testosterone levels within life to keep the body, muscles and brain functioning adequately.


The science of peptides is such that we may effectively send an internal message to cells to action immediately.

Muscle Repair | Recovery

Increase the speed at which the body repairs from injury.

Skin Health | Beauty

Tanning peptides are available to increase ones melanin (pigmentation) thereby protecting the skin from burning.

For so many of us, the maintenance of fitness, health and wellness,  is one that we have taken for granted through youth. The result of lifestyle choices do not become apparent or manifest as illness till much later in life. We rely on health insurance, medical doctors and medicine to fix what ails us, never realising how much more powerful it is to implement preventative measures.

Our exposure to the science of nutrition, physical exercise, and the ageing human body is mostly what¬†we’ve learnt in school or at home and barely skims the surface – all things considered. As you open your awareness to the science and physiology that exists within you, it¬†will come as no surprise that changes have to be made in order to achieve the ultimate wellness you desire.

To obtain and maintain the healthy body you want Рoutside of the aesthetic rewards, there needs to be an understanding and respect for how very sophisticated the human body is. How everything it is exposed to internally and environmentally, guides how efficient we are working on a cellular level today. Many of you are only now being introduced to the messaging capabilities of hormones. The endocrine system is one system of the body that oftentimes appears overlooked by the medical industry. To respect the human body, life and everything it has to offer Рyou must respect all the systems working to keep you alive and thriving.
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