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To “Buy Peptides Online Australia”, it is imperative that one gets to know the local suppliers, their product quality and the protocols a patient may be required to follow for legally purchasing peptides. By taking the time to independently research, one can be certain they are receiving the highest quality peptide and service.

Many of you may be new to peptide treatments. This guide aims to provide you with all the information needed in your search for a reputable Australian peptide company, alongside enlightening you regarding the procedures one must take to buy peptides online legally in Australia.

Can you buy peptides legally in Australia?

In Australia, peptides are considered a Schedule 4 Drug. To legally buy clinical grade peptides in Australia, a patient will have to acquire a legitimate approval from an Australian registered Dr specialising in hormonal treatments and anti-ageing.

1. Visit your GP for a specialist referral

Buying peptides online in Australia will save you time waiting.Benefits Include:  Having your GP involved in your decision to supplement with peptides. Assuring all the appropriate bloodwork has been collected and examined prior to and during peptide supplementation.

The Downside: Time consuming and costly. Multiple doctor visits, tests, follow-up visits, specialist appointment fees and time delays. It could take up to 2 months to finally get an approval.

  • This first option will require more of your time and potentially more money.
  • One must first visit their GP and request a referral to see either an endocrinologist or an anti-ageing specialist. Your GP will have to fully understand your reasons for this referral. Your GP may require a full medical examination and order a series of blood tests before supplying you with a specialist referral.
  • A follow-up visit is usually needed for the GP to review the results of your blood work, so you must allow time for this delay. ble option listed below that provides patients with the ability to buy peptides in Australia.
  • Once a referral has been supplied, the patient must book an appointment to see the specialist. Be aware that this appointment could be several weeks away. Medical history will be reviewed, alongside prior blood tests. Another series of blood tests may be required before the specialist considers writing an approval for peptide supplementation.
  • Once the specialist has supplied the patient with the approval, it can be filled at the compounding facility of one’s choice.
  • If any advice is needed during the patient’s supplementation, a Dr’s visit will again be required.

Why you should buy peptides online in Australia

Buy Peptides Online Australia

Why buying peptides online from an offshore supplier is a gamble with your health.

  • No regulatory control of the peptide product quality, its purity or potency
  • No regulatory control of the advertising
  • No accountability for misleading customers
  • Offshore supply often sells “research grade peptides” yet will not advertise this truth.

When there is no regulatory control, customers must be aware that anything within the website including product certifications of quality may be falsified to mislead potential customers.  Regulatory control protects Australian consumers, but only when the product originates in Australia. Many of the offshore suppliers will advertise their Research peptides passing them off as Pharmaceutical Grade Peptides.

  • Research Peptides are not safe for human consumption.
  • They do not undergo the rigorous protocol required for maintaining the sterility and purity of product.
  • Research peptides are often found to contain contaminants which are harmful to the body. Since peptides typically get introduced into the body by way of injection, a¬†lack of purity may lead to a patient injecting a plethora of unknown compounds and contaminants directly into the bloodstream.

Overseas suppliers create websites specifically focused on targeting the Australian peptide market, selling directly to Australian patients, posing as a local vendor. Be wary of these, as we have just covered, the consumer is not protected when the product comes from an offshore supply.  Without regulatory control, business goes on as usual regardless, and there is no accountability required for misleading customers.


2. Buy Peptides Online Australia ‚Äď Australian Peptide Company (Based in Australia)

Benefits Include: Fast and efficient process providing patients with a direct link to the approving doctor and local compounding facility.


  • The¬†preferred alternative for Australians who want to acquire clinical grade peptides is to order peptides online through a reputable Australian Peptide Clinic.
  • The benefit to those who choose this process far outweighs the traditional protocols outlined above.
  • Patients who decide to buy peptides online¬†save valuable time and money through a streamlined service that links the patient directly to a specialist doctor and the dispatching facility. The entire process is handled online and enables you to receive your peptides within days of ordering.
  • Peptide Clinics is based out of Sydney, Australia. Offering a legal gateway between our specialist Dr and local compounding facility, patients can order peptides following just five simple steps.
  • The Prequalification phase is the first step which requires potential patients to fill in a brief medical questionnaire so that the Doctor can determine¬†risk factors and ascertain a patient’s health. All candidates successfully prequalified through this step move on to the 2nd step.

  • The 2nd step grants the prequalified peptide patient access to the online peptide store and research centre. Peptides and preliminary blood testing can be ordered at this time.

  • The order is then forwarded to our specialist Dr¬†(Step 3) to review all medical information concerning the patient. The fourth step involves a consult from our registered nurse to confirm all details of the order. All approved orders will be forwarded to the compounding facility for dispatch.

  • This final step which concludes the 5 Step process : Compounding chemist dispatches patient order.
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