What to consider before you buy peptides online

Research Aussie peptide suppliers carefully before placing an order online.

Peptides Australia – Tips to buying peptides online

To buy peptides online, it is highly suggested to engage in a bit of research to assure you are getting the highest quality peptide product and service. For those who are new to peptides and are looking to source a reputable company to supply them,  this guide should help you understand the process.  Some of you may have had previous experience buying peptides online and have run into issues of poor quality and service. Perhaps your package was confiscated at customs. Any number of issues and concerns are relative to buying peptides online and can certainly steer those once interested away from the thought of supplementing with them.

The quality of peptides differ from supplier to supplier

There are overseas suppliers and those that sell direct to patients here in Australia. There is nothing regulating the quality, potency and purity of the peptides, therefore you can only assume they are of the research quality which is “not for human consumption”.  Since the advertising of these peptides are not as heavily regulated being from overseas suppliers, they often market their peptide product however they see fit, making claims for the quality with no accountability. It’s a risk to both your health, and your pocket in the long run.

In Australia peptides are considered a Schedule 4 Drug. In order for someone to legally acquire pharmaceutical grade peptides in Australia there are a couple of options.

How to get a prescription for peptide supplementation in Australia

In the first instance, a person would have to go to their GP and ask for a referral to see an anti-aging specialist or an endocrinologist. They would have to undergo a medical examination,  order blood work and come back most likely after the pathology results were in. Only then would a script be issued. After that, the script can be filled at the chemist of one’s choice. To get any advice about the progress of their peptide programme, the patient would have to make an appt to see the doctor again. All of these appointments takes time out of one’s busy schedule, as well as paying additionally to see a specialist.

As an alternative, there is a reputable online peptide clinic set up to streamline the entire process. They are based out of Sydney, Australia and offer an online prescription approval and despatch of clinical grade peptides in as little as four steps. This process allows a pre-qualified patient to buy peptides online in Australia and have them delivered to their door. It even allows them to order hormone testing online whereby the pathology paperwork gets sent to the patients email. All they are required to do is print the form and visit the partnered pathology centre on their appointment date. (All the key pathology centres have partnered up to this service and you are required to make your own appointment time) .

In Australia, they have tightened up the reigns on the advertising of peptides thus, it is not allowable for Peptide suppliers in Australia to mention the specific peptide names on their public website, nor mention too implicitly the benefits in using them without first qualifying their candidacy.

Order your peptides online from a reputable clinic that offers legal peptides with a prescription

Candidates for peptide supplementation can go to www.peptideclinics.com.au – click on the Register Now button and prequalify for access into the online peptide store. There is a quick and simple medical questionnaire to fill in and then you have the ability to see the full product range. That is, so long as there is nothing within your medical history that may signal disqualification and an inability to proceed.

Registering will give you a secured login to use for whenever you want to come back to research the peptide product range, alongside all the information pertaining to peptide supplementation, administration, dosage, diet, combining peptides and more. There are numerous testimonials from satisfied clients who can attest to the level of quality in the product and service at Peptide Clinics. Take the time to read them and then, move on to place a preliminary order.

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