How to Buy Peptides Online in Australia and New Zealand

5 simple steps and you may obtain a valid script for clinical grade peptides in Australia.

In order to access our Australian peptides you must fill in the required registration form / medical questionnaire. This process shouldn’t take you very long. The registration form also encompasses a series of medical questions whereby you will be able to make a provisional order, so long as you are considered an eligible candidate.

It is an absolute must, when embarking on this journey that you are 100% honest with our Hormone Doctors for it is in your best interest to reap optimal benefits from your peptide treatment. It is our duty of care and a legal requirement that this monitoring occurs, otherwise patients run the risk of experiencing peptide side effects and the possibility of diminished health. Additionally, it would be wise for you to review all documentation on this site regarding Growth Hormone and the particular Peptide(s) you wish to purchase.

Research all of our peptides and their prices, dosage information and any side effects.
If you are ready to complete checkout, you can go ahead and buy peptides online by using one of our accepted payment methods. Once checkout is complete, a pre-populated Pathology Request Form will be emailed to you if you decide to get the optional blood test which will get your hormone levels checked with as little fuss as possible. Remember that you will be required to fast before having this bloodwork done.

Once your questionnaire and optional pathology tests have been reviewed and evaluated by our doctor you will be notified if you have been medically approved. You will receive a phone call from our Hormone Doctor or their representative to confirm your identity.

Once approved, your account will become active and your prescription will be issued. An email notification will be sent to inform you of the outcome.

Please allow up to 2 business days for our doctor to issue your prescription.

Step 4 – Our registered nurse will call to confirm your order and go over any concerns the Dr. may have regarding the prescribing and dispatch of your peptide order.
The testing protocol is set up not only for your health and safety, but also so that your blood levels can be monitored for program optimisation and success.

Optional Pre-Test (for safety reasons)

Optional 6 week test (to measure effectiveness and adjust doses)

Optional 6 month test (for safety and effectiveness)

Click here to find your nearest Laverty Pathology location

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Click here to find your nearest Medlab Pathology location

Your results will be automatically submitted electronically to our Doctor for review and evaluation

PSA Free and Total Testosterone

Your results will be automatically submitted electronically to our Doctor for review and evaluation

Buying Australian peptides online

When you consider buying peptides whether it be for anti – ageing, building lean muscle mass or to optimise your fitness and health goals, you must factor in quality assurances. Peptide Clinic’s online gateway allows Australians to access the highest quality peptide supplements, preserving both the purity and potency of the peptide product, as it is prepared with precision at our ISO Class 7 Sterile Compounding Facility. 

Product integrity is always paramount in the procurement of therapeutic medicine. Buy peptides from the trusted source online at Peptide Clinics Pty. Ltd. Our helpful team staff knows everything there is to know about our peptide product range and can assist with any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can get expert advice from our in-house specialist team regarding hormone imbalance and correction, alongside the very latest in sports medicine research.

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