How to Access Our Online Clinic

5 simple steps

Peptide Clinics’ specialist doctors need to know some information about you before they can give you access to information about products which may be suitable for you. Our Medical Questionnaire is free, confidential and obligation-free. We don’t expect it will take you too long to complete, and our Support Team are available to assist you with any questions you might have.

It is an absolute must, when embarking on this journey that you are 100% honest when completing your Medical Questionnaire. Peptide Clinics’ doctors need to be properly informed of your medical history and your goals in order to give you the highest quality advice and information which is relevant for you.

After a Peptide Clinics’ doctor has reviewed your Medical Questionnaire, they will provide you access to information and advice which, in their view, will assist you to pursue your goals and obtain suitable treatment.
After reviewing the information your Peptide Clinics’ doctor has provided to you, if you are interested in a particular treatment and your doctor has determined that it is suitable for you, your doctor may write you a prescription.
Our specialist doctors only prescribe the highest quality products
If you are issued a prescription, a registered nurse from Peptide Clinics will call to confirm your order and discuss any questions you may have.
See if you qualify for treatment and more information