Muscle Building Peptides – Which one is for me?

Whether you are starting up a new training regime or you are a current bodybuilder looking to build lean muscle mass rapidly, educating yourself on the science of peptides and their availability in Australia is your best step in the right direction.

There are various peptides that benefit the user in muscle growth and in developing muscular definition.  Being informed about each peptide and their mechanism of action alongside any potential side effects can help with the decision on what one to choose. You may have to factor in age-related  hormone deficiencies and have these corrected. Sarcopenia, for instance is the loss of muscle mass and occurs when testosterone levels are low. Males experiencing sarcopenia or wishing to prevent sarcopenia in the long run, need to keep a close watch on their ageing hormone levels.



It may be difficult to comprehend the science behind growth hormone peptides. At Peptide Clinics we aim to teach you, so that you can make an educated decision regarding how peptides may work for you. The endocrine system and its hormones has a much greater scope and influence on our health than we realize. Our hormones are the spokesperson for what messages our cells and organs receive. Peptides are a great way of stepping in, grabbing the “biological loudspeaker” and insisting your body responds in a regenerative manner.

Nutritional health

If you are not already participating in good nutritional health then make it a priority immediately. There is no magic wand that is going to help you achieve your fitness goals if you aren’t ready to commit 100%. Getting your body and mind into state of nutritional health will bring you great success and quickly when supplementing with peptides.

Get your blood work checked

It is in your best interest to get a blood test to identify your current GH levels checked before you start supplementing with peptides. Not only does this ensure safety and good health, but it serves as a guide to witness how your levels have changed in 6 months. We offer an online pathology service whereby you can add the specific tests to your cart along with your peptides. We will then email you the appropriate print out to bring with you to your nearest participating test centre.

Make an educated decision

Make an educated decision to purchase peptides based on what you feel would work best for you, and feel free to contact us for any advise or check out our FAQ section.

Stick to the plan

Remember that nothing happens overnight and not without some discipline and hard work. The rewards will come, and when they do, don’t forget to let us know and share your story within our testimonial section.
Muscle Peptide Science

Do you know what a peptide is and how they can influence hormones in your body?

Peptide Ratings

Peptides are rated by their potential to influence certain activities in your body. Some are more suited for Fat loss, whilst others are known for their ability to grow new muscle cells or provide anti-ageing. Our peptide ratings have the peptide product names omitted to be in compliance with local regulations. Once you register successfully with Peptide Clinics you will gain access to all the information you require to ascertain suitability.

Once you have been educated, you will feel more confident about your goals and will be informed enough to make a choice in peptide – that which is best suited to your needs.

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