Fat Loss Peptides

Fat loss can be achieved through the use of peptide supplementation. Achieve your goals more rapidly by attending to the hormonal imbalances that are keeping you in fat storage mode.

GH levels decrease significantly as one ages. By the time you are 30 years old the endocrine system is no longer functioning optimally, thus the hormones that typically helped us stay lean, are secreting at a much lower level. The result of this is stubborn fat storage, which favours the abdominal region. Visceral fat in particular is a very common plight in middle age.

Luckily you can obtain fat loss peptides which can infiltrate signalling that leads to weight gain. The resulting weight loss for those who use peptides is a welcome relief.

The Benefits of Fat Loss Peptides

  • Increases ghrelin in the stomach, which assists in the release of GH to control hunger.
  • Production of lean muscle mass, increases metabolism which in turn burns fat.
  • Immobilises stored fat and promotes its breakdown through the hydrolysis of triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids
Fat loss | weight loss using peptides
Our busy lifestyles prioritise work resulting in the ‘de-prioritisation’ of consuming healthy food and regular physical activity. Sit down jobs, haphazard consumption of food and drink results in the storage of excess energy as fat.

Also, as we age, our metabolic processes slow down, leading to less background energy consumption. Less exercise promoting muscular strength gets exchanged for walking and taking the stairs. This reduces muscle that burns fat and increases the metabolism again causing fat storage due to lack of activity. The result is obesity, which is now a pandemic.

Obesity, or excess body fat stores, causes physical wear and tear on the weight-bearing joints (especially knees and hips), and inflammatory degeneration of all tissues of the body. Overfat fat storage cells (adipocytes) release molecules (inflammatory cytokines) that damage all tissues leading to premature ageing.

Experience the fat loss you desire by triggering the breakdown of fat with fat loss peptides

Build Lean Muscle – Lose Fat

To obtain the best results from a fat loss program, and the most amount of fat loss from your peptide supplementation, you should be following a diet which is high in protein, moderate in healthy fats and low in carbohydrates, and be physically active. At the very least you should be doing some high-intensity lifting a couple of times a week alongside the implementation of cardio. You should also have your hormone levels balanced to optimise your metabolism.

Growth Hormone and Fat Loss

  • Growth Hormone directly effects the Metabolism
  • GH triggers the breakdown of triglycerides in fat cells of the body
  • GH releases fatty acids and ketone bodies into the blood
  • The fatty acids are then metabolised to energy throughout the body
  • Fat cells are then decreased in size

Another way GH helps with fat loss is that it maintains blood glucose levels by inhibiting glucose uptake into peripheral cells, decreasing glucose oxidation for energy in the cells, and therefore increasing glucose production in cells from fat and amino acids (gluconeogenesis) (Copeland 1994, Ho 1996). The free fatty acids in the blood from lipolysis also partially block the insulin receptors on cell membranes, decreasing the effectiveness of insulin in triggering the removal of glucose from the blood, causing insulin resistance, or decreased insulin sensitivity. These all result in fat loss, especially from hard to move intra-abdominal fat stores (Johannsson 1997).

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