Knee Ligaments

knee-ligamentWithin the knee are 3 bones connecting the knee joint to the thigh bone. Bones are connected to each other with ligaments. Ligaments are like a strong band or rope keeping the knee bone stable and in place.

Collateral Ligaments


  • Sides of your knee
  • Medial Collateral is located on the inside
  • Lateral Collaterol is located on the outside


  • Controls and protects the knee as it moves in a sideways motion

Cruciate Ligaments


  • Inside of knee
  • Forms a criss cross
  • Anterior Cruciate is located in the front
  • Posterior Cruciate is located in the back


  • Controls and protects the knee as it moves in a back and forth motion
  • The knee relies on these ligaments and the muscles surrounding the area. It is a fairly vulnerable region of the body and knee injuries are prevalent in sport and fitness.
  • A knee ligament injury is considered a “sprain” and is graded by its severity. The severity determines the treatment and also specifies how long one will be in recovery.

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