Mood Enhancers – The Love Hormone

Many of us suffer in silence, disturbed by feelings of anxiety, a lack of social skills, buckled by fear of the unknown and incapable of reaching out to others to connect. 

The Love Hormone – Enhancing Moods and Feelings of Intimacy

There¬†is an essential “love hormone” or affectionately referred to as “the cuddle hormone” ¬†that can help us make the switch from a low, depressive state to one of happiness, comfort and intimacy. Every time we move, read, sing and touch others, this mood enhancing peptide¬†is at work. Some of us require more of it, to do what for others comes naturally. Commonly referred to as The Love Hormone, an increase in these levels via means of supplementation is a viable option that very well may¬†increase your ability to function socially, (minus the awkwardness), make friends and enhance romantic relationships. This love hormone has been found to help people become more at ease within themselves, resulting in a friendlier, more affectionate experience socially.

Mood enhancers  - the love hormone available in a peptide
The overall bond-strengthening and social effects are strong enough to consider the love hormone, a very beneficial mood enhancer:
  • social skills
  • mood and personality and,
  • romantic relationships

Stress Reduction

Coping with Stress and Anxiety

Bonding – Its chemistry is all about attachment

The love hormone, the cuddle hormone, and yes also referred to as the “bonding hormone”, this chemical messenger is usually released in the brain by adults when we have social contact. It is also particularly pronounced where there is touch involved. Health promoting, this hormone-like substance is usually known for its ability to promote bonding and attachment between individuals. It creates the desire for more of this “feel good” interaction.

The bonding between child and mother

Pregnancy is a time where women are very “hormonal”. There are significantly high levels of estrogen which is predominantly a female hormone. In the brain of the mother, the number of receptors for this “love hormone” are multiplied, yet even more so towards the end of an expecting mothers pregnancy. Because of this, the new mother becomes highly responsive to the presence of the love hormone. It is the part of the brain that also promotes the maternal behaviours which will nourish the baby emotionally, and forge the necessary bonding and attachment.

During labour, a mother will experience a large surge of this hormone. A mother will produce elevated levels of this vital hormone as a consequence of nursing and holding her infant. The levels of this love hormone will be higher in mothers who breastfeed exclusively, rather than supplement with bottles of formula, or supplementary bottles of milk.

Life requires us to engage, connect and share love between each other. If you are suffering in silence, this personality enhancement option can make your life more enriching and help with:

  • assist pain-relief and healing via its anti-inflammatory effects
  • assist weight loss via a variety of metabolic effects
  • acts as an anti-depressant and anti-anxiolytic
  • reduce stress by decreasing cortisol levels and blood pressure
  • increase orgasm intensity and frequency.
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